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Meinolf Winkelmeyer
Meinolf Win­kel­mey­er
11:48 06 Apr 21
Mr. Kräh­ahn was able to adjust to my pro­blems very well and help me very well through his expe­ri­ence and his wide ran­ge of treatments.I had never met a phy­sio­the­ra­pist who lis­tens well befo­re­hand, who some­ti­mes takes notes and then uses his manu­al and prac­ti­cal skills to act. I can only recom­mend!mehr
Lisa B
Lisa B
07:00 08 Mar 21
The atlas ver­te­bra cor­rec­tion hel­ps me with my neck pain par­ti­cu­lar­ly well. After a few times I have less sym­ptoms. It gives me back a pie­ce of the qua­li­ty of life. It was only by chan­ce that I beca­me awa­re of this form of tre­at­ment (after many visits to the doc­tor and osteo­pa­thic tre­at­ments). I can only recom­mend it.mehr
Lulu Lei
Lulu Lei
10:55 17 Dec 20
In Novem­ber, I recei­ved tre­at­ment from Mr. Kräh­ahn for an atlas or axis mala­lign­ment. After years of diz­zi­ness, head and neck pain (I could­n’t even put my head back without the most seve­re diz­zi­ness), and pil­grimage from doc­tor to doc­tor, whe­re I did not get a cor­rect dia­gno­sis, this the­ra­py was an attempt for me, To get qua­li­ty of life back. I never thought that the result would be so good. 4 weeks after the tre­at­ment I am prac­ti­cal­ly free of pain and ver­ti­go. After the the­ra­py, I had sore mus­cles in my neck for a few days, which I was hap­py to accept. Mr. Kräh­ahn is a plea­sant the­ra­pist who is always focu­sed on the pro­blem.mehr
09:05 22 May 20
Thank you very much, Mr. Kräh­ahn, you released me from per­ma­nent head pres­su­re, gait inse­cu­ri­ty and diz­zi­ness. When I came to you, my atlas and the 2nd and 3rd ver­te­brae were crooked.I am very, very gra­te­ful to you.mehr
Antonietta Malvuccio
Anto­ni­et­ta Mal­vuc­cio
21:29 09 May 20
Pri­ce / per­for­mance: super­No more hea­da­ches after two treatments.Very pro­fes­sio­nal, clean practice.Recommendation: 100%mehr
Monika Bucher
Moni­ka Bucher
12:26 26 Nov 18
Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, after more than 2 years of pain, I have only lear­ned about this method. Gre­at thing and Herr kräh­ahn is mega nice. 10000 thanks.mehr
Kerstin Zitz
Kers­tin Zitz
18:58 08 Jul 18
I felt very well loo­ked after. I had my atlas cor­rec­tion on May 11, 18 and my second appoint­ment on June 22, 18. Am my diz­zi­ness­Get rid of that com­ple­te­ly. But still dili­gent­ly do my exer­ci­ses that Mr. Kräh­ahn gave meI will defi­ni­te­ly still­Make a fol­lowing appoint­ment becau­se it hel­ps me a lot.mehr
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