Was Pati­en­ten sagen

Margarita S.
Mar­ga­ri­ta S.
06:14 05 Jun 24
I had the plea­su­re of having the atlas cor­rec­tion done in Dr. to expe­ri­ence Kräh­ahn and I can only report posi­ti­ve things. The prac­ti­ce is won­derful and extre­me­ly wel­co­ming. For years I had suf­fe­r­ed from neck pain, which sever­ely affec­ted my ever­y­day life. By a hap­py coin­ci­dence and on the recom­men­da­ti­on of my col­le­agues, I came across this practice.After just two tre­at­ments, I am sur­pri­sed, satis­fied and reli­e­ved: my sym­ptoms have dis­ap­peared and I feel like a new per­son. The tre­at­ment and the enti­re prac­ti­ce are excel­lent. Dr. Kräh­ahn is a very com­pe­tent the­ra­pist who car­ri­es out his work with the grea­test care and empa­thy. He responds very gent­ly and pur­po­seful­ly to the needs of his patients.I can recom­mend the prac­ti­ce of Dr. I can only recom­mend Kräh­ahn and I look for­ward to con­ti­nuing my tre­at­ment the­re with gre­at plea­su­re.wei­ter­le­sen
Till Könighaus
Till König­haus
16:00 16 Apr 24
I have been suf­fe­ring from seve­re diz­ziness for 3 years.Visited the well-known neu­ro­lo­gy uni­ver­si­ty cli­nics and com­ple­ted a 3‑year medi­cal marathon.I was pre­scri­bed oxca­ra­bace­pi­ne and others, which I took for almost 2 years.I was­n’t satis­fied with the dia­gno­sis of ves­ti­bu­lar par­oxys­mia (AICA LOOP / vas­cu­lar ner­ve cont­act, becau­se not­hing hel­ped. An ope­ra­ti­on on the brain/8th cra­ni­al ner­ve, the vesi­bu­lar ner­ve, was alre­a­dy plan­ned!!!!! Lucki­ly I had this for a short time can­ce­led beforehand.I also went to all the other the­ra­pists, who hel­ped me feel bet­ter for a short time, but did­n’t bring any las­ting improvement.After fur­ther rese­arch on the inter­net about atlas cor­rec­tion, I found John­ny Kräh­ahn here and the first tre­at­ment imme­dia­te­ly brought calm to the sys­tem. After a few days the ner­ves slow­ly star­ted to calm down.Now after a month, 2 tre­at­ments I am very hap­py with the results and the diz­ziness and diz­ziness are alre­a­dy much better.Since we’­re tal­king about ner­ves, I expect a rege­ne­ra­ti­on time of around 3–6 months.I can only recom­mend anyo­ne who has diz­ziness or ligh­thea­ded­ness and not­hing, or has been dia­gno­sed with ves­ti­bu­lar par­oxys­mia or AICA Loop, to make an appoint­ment with John­ny Krähahn.Johnny Kräh­ahn hel­ped me a lot and I alre­a­dy recom­mend and will con­ti­nue to recommend!Full 5 stars with a big +🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟➕wei­ter­le­sen
Anja Sollmann
Anja Soll­mann
17:59 04 Mar 24
I felt bet­ter after the first treatment.
Jay FKay
Jay FKay
09:53 19 Feb 24
After more than a year of rese­arch and various appoint­ments with neu­ro­lo­gists, ortho­pe­dists, phy­sio­the­ra­pists and alter­na­ti­ve prac­ti­tio­ners, I came across Mr. Kräh­ahn. My sym­ptoms were ver­ti­go, dif­fi­cul­ty swal­lo­wing, eye migrai­nes, ten­si­on in the neck and some­ti­mes back pain. I have now had my second tre­at­ment and noti­ce that things have got­ten much bet­ter. After a long time of trea­ting sym­ptoms, we are final­ly track­ing down the cau­se and after the ses­si­ons it gets per­ma­nent­ly bet­ter every time.wei­ter­le­sen
10:36 13 Feb 24
I came to Mr. Kräh­ahn with sym­ptoms such as hea­da­ches and seve­re migrai­nes every day. He took a lot of time and exami­ned my cer­vical ver­te­brae in the first session.He also took a lot of time cor­rec­ting the atlas and did­n’t make any jer­ky move­ments or any­thing like that.After the first tre­at­ment my hea­da­ches were almost gone.Can only recom­mend it to ever­yo­ne. For me it was the solu­ti­on.wei­ter­le­sen
Sascha Berens
Sascha Ber­ens
07:05 09 Feb 24
I can only agree with the posi­ti­ve reviews. I actual­ly wan­ted to be able to sol­ve my gas­tro­in­testi­nal pro­blems with the atlas cor­rec­tion. This did­n’t work. But what was sol­ved were my back pro­blems fol­lo­wed by seve­re hea­da­ches, for which only Noval­gin drops hel­ped. I had the cor­rec­tion car­ri­ed out in two appoint­ments in Novem­ber and Decem­ber. Now it’s Febru­ary and to date I haven’t had a sin­gle hea­da­che. At the same time, my jaw cli­cking when ope­ning my mouth was also sol­ved. If the con­di­ti­on remains this way over the long term, the invest­ment has defi­ni­te­ly been worth it.wei­ter­le­sen
Carolin Nischwitz
Caro­lin Nischwitz
08:01 08 Feb 24
For me, John­ny Kräh­ahn is a lumi­na­ry — he quick­ly, pre­cis­e­ly and kind­ly deter­mi­nes what can be done and sug­gests it with a detail­ed, fac­tu­al expl­ana­ti­on. The atlas cor­rec­tion has impro­ved my pos­tu­re enorm­ously and I now go about my ever­y­day life with a straight back.As a for­mer com­pe­ti­ti­ve ath­le­te, Mr. Kräh­ahn is one of my top 2 phy­sio­the­ra­pists — thank you for your work. I am always hap­py to recom­mend them.wei­ter­le­sen
Mark Slowhand
Mark Slowhand
20:50 25 Jan 24
I was the­re today for the Atlas check and was plea­sant­ly impres­sed by the com­pe­tence and fri­end­li­ne­ss and had the fee­ling that I had recei­ved very rea­li­stic and honest advice.If tre­at­ment occurs, I will report fur­ther after­wards.wei­ter­le­sen
nicole ling
nico­le ling
20:00 04 Dec 23
A super nice and com­pe­tent phy­sio­the­ra­pist. I final­ly got help after years! It’s unbe­lie­va­ble how much time you’­ve spent with doc­tors and the­ra­pists befo­re. Final­ly this is over! Always recom­men­ded. I know whe­re to go if I need to.Thank you thank you thank you !wei­ter­le­sen
Susann Abraham
Susann Abra­ham
06:46 11 Oct 23
The best thing that can hap­pen to you. Atlas cor­rec­tion saved from unneces­sa­ry operations.
Ivana Rastegorac
Iva­na Raste­gorac
10:40 13 Jul 23
I’ve just had my second tre­at­ment and I have to say I’m thril­led! I have pre­vious­ly visi­ted a num­ber of phy­sio­the­ra­pists who were able to alle­via­te my sym­ptoms, but only for a short peri­od of time. This is the first time that I have long-term reli­ef from my sym­ptoms such as neck and hea­da­ches and all of the accom­pany­ing sym­ptoms such as diz­ziness and ting­ling in my arms have dis­ap­peared. If the sym­ptoms return, I would make ano­ther appoint­ment straight away ins­tead of was­ting time with a phy­sio­the­ra­pist again. Thank you again, Mr Kräh­ahn!wei­ter­le­sen
M. D
M. D
10:35 21 May 23
Hel­lo ever­yo­ne. I had real pro­blems with my neck and should­ers and head with diz­ziness. I went to the phy­sio­the­ra­pist, chi­ro­prac­tor, osteo­path, neu­ro­lo­gist, etc. When I went to see Mr. Kräh­ahn for the first time in March, my sym­ptoms other than my diz­ziness dis­ap­peared. I had an initi­al wor­sening for a week, but after that it only got worse Uphill so I can move free­ly again. After the 2nd ses­si­on I did­n’t have any wor­sening at all but my hea­da­ches and Hws com­plaints, sleep dis­or­ders are all gone. I’m super satis­fied 😀 I have to do my 3rd ses­si­on but I feel good again. I should also men­ti­on that unfort­u­na­te­ly my diz­ziness has­n’t gone away but after 6 months I was dia­gno­sed that I have Meniére’s dise­a­se and have to tre­at it with medi­ca­ti­on. Always recom­men­ded for peo­p­le who can’t lift their head pro­per­ly, have a lot of ten­si­on, have slee­p­less nights due to the pain and much more… Thank you Mr. Kräh­ahn for ever­y­thing 👍🏻wei­ter­le­sen
Sebastian Adam
Sebas­ti­an Adam
01:01 13 Feb 23
10:35 16 Jan 23
I had sym­ptoms such as diz­ziness and regu­lar hea­da­ches. An acquain­tance told me about the Atlas cor­rec­tion. I tried it and a few days after the second tre­at­ment the pro­blems were gone. Imme­dia­te­ly after the tre­at­ment I was a litt­le tired and the pres­su­re points from the mas­sa­ge hurt a litt­le, but it’s defi­ni­te­ly worth it to get rid of the ver­ti­go.wei­ter­le­sen
Danial Gilani
Dani­al Gila­ni
19:59 10 Jan 23
Mr. Kräh­ahn is a very nice man and he knows what he is doing. I was ori­gi­nal­ly the­re becau­se of gas­tro­in­testi­nal com­plaints, which, as I now know from an alter­na­ti­ve prac­ti­tio­ner, were not cau­sed by the mis­a­lignment of the atlas, but by a dys­bio­sis. My hea­da­che and neck pain dis­ap­peared after the tre­at­ment!wei­ter­le­sen
Petra Reif
Petra Reif
11:03 10 Sep 22
High­ly recom­men­ded, he works very con­sci­en­tious­ly. My should­er, neck and jaw pro­blems have been fixed and a few other minor things along the way. THANKS!wei­ter­le­sen
19:37 15 Aug 22
Gre­at tre­at­ment on the atlas ver­te­bra. After the first tre­at­ment, the diz­ziness, hea­da­ches and intesti­nal pro­blems had alre­a­dy subs­i­ded significantly.If the sym­ptoms are in the atlas ver­te­bra, I can only say that the tre­at­ment real­ly works.Thank you very much Mr. Kräh­ahn 🙂wei­ter­le­sen
Marion H
Mari­on H
12:47 24 May 22
Top. Was able to tre­at my Atlas ver­te­bra very well. I can only agree with the pre­vious spea­k­ers. Sin­ce the birth of my son (four years ago) I have had con­stant back pro­blems, so seve­re that my vagus ner­ve was also extre­me­ly irri­ta­ted. Sym­ptoms were drow­si­ness, tired­ness, zero stress resis­tance (and that’s real­ly bad with three child­ren), car­diac arrhyth­mi­as, eye migrai­nes, fal­ling asleep in the nose, fal­ling asleep in the arms from the should­ers. Kid­ney pain etc. I thought I was going to die. No doc­tor could help me, no phy­sio­the­ra­pist and no osteo­path, you alle­via­ted the sym­ptoms a bit but it never real­ly went away. I paid a lot of money for tre­at­ments becau­se at some point my fami­ly doc­tor just went on strike with me. If only I had known about this tre­at­ment beforehand…I could have saved mys­elf so much stress, so much dri­ving and so much anxie­ty.wei­ter­le­sen
An Ouq
An Ouq
13:49 04 May 22
A huge THANK YOU to Mr. Krähahn!!!For about 1.5 years I went from doc­tor to doc­tor, had all pos­si­ble exami­na­ti­ons done, inclu­ding an MRT and much more.My big­gest com­plaints were the fol­lo­wing: fee­ling of absence, drow­si­ness, exhaus­ti­on, diz­ziness. Daily.Luckily, after a litt­le inter­net rese­arch, I lan­ded on Mr. Krähahn’s web­site. Here I was allo­wed to come to a first short appoint­ment wit­hout obli­ga­ti­on to have the posi­ti­on of my atlas checked.Here he found a mistake.Mr. Kräh­ahn is a very dis­creet, very fri­end­ly and plea­sant the­ra­pist! He explains EVER­Y­THING in detail & is inte­res­ted in all com­plaints and spe­cial fea­tures in order to be able to include them in his the­ra­py! Befo­re the first tre­at­ment, I fil­led out a very detail­ed medi­cal histo­ry form, which was refer­red to again in the second session.After my first tre­at­ment, ALL my sym­ptoms were gone and I feel like a dif­fe­rent per­son. In my second tre­at­ment, only slight cor­rec­tions were made.I still can’t quite belie­ve it…The tre­at­ment its­elf was not pain­ful, only after the first tre­at­ment I had pain in the neck area simi­lar to sore muscles.I am infi­ni­te­ly gra­teful to you for the gre­at tre­at­ment and I am very hap­py to know an address like yours!Best regards!!!wei­ter­le­sen
Angelika Hoffacker
Ange­li­ka Hof­fa­cker
16:30 23 Feb 22
Very fri­end­ly and pro­fes­sio­nal treatment…since my atlas cor­rec­tion I haven’t had any more headaches…I can only recom­mend…wei­ter­le­sen
Anja Voss
Anja Voss
07:30 27 Sep 21
Becau­se of diz­zy spells and sto­mach pro­blems, I have alre­a­dy seen seve­ral doc­tors and none of them could help me. Tre­at­ment by an osteo­path and ano­ther phy­sio­the­ra­pist only brought reli­ef. That’s why I went to see Mr. Kräh­ahn. After the first tre­at­ment, the diz­ziness got worse, so that I almost gave up hope that I could get it under con­trol. But Mr. Kräh­ahn was very con­fi­dent and after 2 more tre­at­ments my diz­ziness is almost histo­ry and I have most­ly got my sto­mach pro­blems under con­trol. I noti­ce that the pro­blems with diz­ziness will return due to my pos­tu­re, stress, etc. and I was told this in prac­ti­ce, but then I will defi­ni­te­ly go back to Mr. Kräh­ahn for tre­at­ment.wei­ter­le­sen
Li sa
Li sa
17:02 14 Jun 21
I had my 3rd tre­at­ment for the atlas ver­te­bra today, I never thought it could bring so much.I had hea­da­ches almost every day. My doc­tors (neu­ro­lo­gist, fami­ly doc­tor,..) always said it was migrai­ne and had to be trea­ted with strong medi­ca­ti­on (topiramate/ beta blockers)After my first tre­at­ment I some­ti­mes had even worse hea­da­ches than befo­re, but the first time the­re were two tre­at­ments and after the second I felt all the better.I now real­ly (!!!) have almost no more hea­da­ches. I still have a maxi­mum of 3 hea­da­ches a month, which can also come from stress or the weather.Now I was the­re for the third time becau­se I had the fee­ling that the atlas ver­te­brae deser­ved tre­at­ment again. Make an appoint­ment online and you’­re done, it’s very easy.Do my doc­tors know it can be that simp­le?…wei­ter­le­sen
Antonietta Malvuccio
Anto­ni­et­ta Mal­vuc­cio
21:29 09 May 20
Pri­ce / per­for­mance: super­No more hea­da­ches after two treatments.Very pro­fes­sio­nal, clean practice.Recommendation: 100%wei­ter­le­sen
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